How do I replace the power cord on my EDGESTAR DWP62 series counter top dishwasher?

The below instructions can be used to the replace the power cord on your EdgeStar DWP62 series countertop dishwasher. 

NOTE: Empty contents of unit and disconnect from power source before attempting any repairs.

Tools and Parts Needed:

- Phillips Screwdriver     - Flat Head Screwdriver     - Needle nose pliers     


Power Cord Removal and Replacement Instructions

Step 1: Remove Base Tray Cover

Step 2: Locate the Connector Bracket

  • The connector bracket is located adjacent to the side panel where the power cord enters from the exterior of the unit.  


NOTE:  Take a photo to document color-coded wire connections prior to removing.

Step 3: Remove Crimp Connectors and Disconnect Power Cord Wiring

  • Remove three (3) Crimp Connectors that are seated into the Connector Bracket
  • The Crimp connectors are seated into the connector bracket with a lock tab.  Use a flat tip screwdriver if needed to release tab and remove crimp connectors from the bracket.
  • Use pliers to un-crimp the wire inside of the crimp connector



Step 4: Remove Power Cord Clasp

  • The Power Cord Clasp secures the power cord to the cabinet
  • Use flat tip screwdriver to depress the locking tab while pressing outwards and/or pulling on the Clasp from the exterior of the unit.
  • You may need to slightly twist the Clasp to assist in the removal process.


Step 4: Replace with new power cord

  • Feed new power cord and clasp through power cord cabinet opening
  • Press clasp into place and secure
  • Refer to photo taken in Step 1 and re-secures wiring into wire crimp connectors
  • Crimp connectors with needle nose pliers


Step 5:  Reinstall the Bottom Panel


For additional service procedures, please locate the DWP62 Series Service Manual located within the following article:  EdgeStar Dishwasher Service Documents