How do I replace the power cord on my window or through the wall air conditioner?

The power cord on your EDGESTAR window air conditioner or through the wall air conditioner may need to be replaced for several reasons. Whether the cord has been damaged or is no longer supplying power to the unit, the replacement process is simple and straight forward. The below step by step guide will show you how to replace the power cord on an EDGESTAR WAC12001W window air conditioner. This guide should also be similar for units WAC8001W, WTC8001W, and WTC12001W. 


Window Air Conditioner Power Cord Replacement (WAC12001W)


NOTE: Disconnect from power source before attempting any repairs.


Tools Needed

  • Phillip’s Head Screwdriver


Step 1: Remove the front panel from the unit

  • Remove it from its installation area
  • Remove the 2 screws securing the front panel to the unit (1 on each side) using a Phillip’s head screwdriver



  • Remove the front panel from the unit partially and slowly
    • Pull the lower part of the panel away from the unit and lift up to release the locking tabs
  • Unplug the ribbon cable to the display by pressing the locking clip and pulling the connectors apart




Step 2: Remove the outer shell from the unit


  • Remove the two screws (one on each side) that secure the shell to the main unit


  • Turn the unit onto its face
  • Lift the outer shell up over the unit and set it aside


  • Lay the unit back down flat


Step 3: Remove and Replace the Power Cord

  • Remove the 4 screws that secure the top panel to the unit (2 on each side)

  • Lift the top panel off of the unit and set it aside
  • Locate the three wires for the power cord (White, Green and Black)



  • Remove the Phillip’s screw securing the green wire
  • Remove the black and white wires from their location on the circuit board (This is a good spot to take a picture to help put the wires back in the right place)
  • Remove the screws securing the power cord to the side of the unit and feed the cord through



  • Feed the new cord through the same way the old one came out
  • Re-attach the Black, White and Green wires before installing the side clip
  • Reinstall the cord securing clip with the two Phillip’s head screws
  • Reinstall the top panel (It does have to fit together like a puzzle)



Step 4: Reinstall the Outer Shell of the unit

  • Turn the unit up on its face
  • Slide the shell down over the unit


  • Install the screws that secure the shell to the unit 



Step 5: Reinstall the Front Panel


  • Slide the panel up into the top tabs and press the bottom of the panel in firmly
  • Install the two Phillip’s head screws that attach the panel to the shell


  • Install the front grill by sliding the lower alignment tabs into place and firmly pressing the top against the unit until you feel it lock in



Procedure Complete.


Note: You will need to allow the unit to sit flat for 2-3 hours to allow the oil to settle back in the compressor.