How do I replace the ice slideway on my EDGESTAR Ice Maker?

Replacing the ice slideway takes just a few minutes. The ice slideway may need to be replaced in the case of damage to the ice full switch or the slideway sticking triggering a false ice full light. The models for this ice slideway replacement are the IB450SS, IB450SSP, OIM450SS and the KIM450BL.

If you have an IB650SS the ice slideway does not affect the ice full light. If you are searching for instructions for the IB650SS slideway, the ice slideway just rests in the unit and can simply be lifted out.


 EDGESTAR Ice Maker Ice Slideway Replacement


  • The ice slideway is installed on two pins that pop into wholes on the evaporator bracket.




  • To replace the slideway, fold it into the down position and use your hand to pry the bracket away from the pins. In the image below you can see the tech holding the slideway with his hand and using his thumb to push the tab away from the pin.



  • Pop the slideway out of the holes, and push the new one back in.