How do I replace the lid on my EDGESTAR IB650 Ice Maker?

The lid assembly on the EDGESTAR IB650 ice maker can also be called the door. Typically, this would only need to be replaced for cosmetic damage. 


EDGESTAR IB650 Lid Replacement


Tools Required

 - Phillips Screwdriver


Step 1: Remove the top panel of the unit

  • Remove the top two screws on each side of the back of the unit for a total of 4 screws



  • Pull the top half of the back of the unit away to expose the two screws that hold the top panel on


  • Remove the two screws that secure the top panel


NOTE: The edges of this unit can be sharp.



  • Lift up the top panel and slide it backwards to remove




Step 2: Remove the lid stopping bar

  • Remove the 2 screws in the front stopping bar



Step 3: Remove the lid handle


  • Remove the two screws on the inside of the lid that attach the handle



Step 4: Remove and replace the lid assembly


  • Slide the door from the front of the unit towards the back



  • Slide the replacement door in the same way the original door was removed
  • Each side of the lid has a hook built in. That hook needs to slide over the pins on the unit when the door is slid back into place




Step 5: Reinstall the lid stopping bar


  • Install the lid stopping bar and tighten the screws


NOTE: Test to verify that the door opens and closes properly before going further. The door can be tricky to get on the pins and if it does not work, you will have to go back a few steps and try again.


Step 6: Reinstall the lid handle

  • Line the handle up with the holes and finger tighten the screws to get them started
  • With a Phillips screwdriver, tighten the screws the rest of the way



Step 7: Reinstall the top panel of the unit


  • Slide the front of the top panel under the lid assembly. The panel needs to be slid under at a steep angle to ensure the lid fits properly behind the lid stopping bar


  • Lay the top of the unit back down and slide into place




  • Install the two Phillips screws on the rear of the unit to secure the top panel



Step 8: Reinstall the back panel screws


  • Reinstall the top four Phillips screws that attach the back panel of the unit




Procedure Completed!