How do I replace the door gasket on my EDGESTAR DWP62 series countertop dishwasher?

The door gasket provides a watertight seal between the dishwasher door and cabinet. Inspect the door gasket periodically and replace when gasket appears excessively worn or damaged.


DWP62 Door Gasket Removal and Replacement Instructions


Step 1: Remove Door Gasket

  • Pinch the door gasket with your fingers and gently pull it away from the unit to remove.


Step 2: Install new Door Gasket

  • Install the grooved side of the gasket into the channel. Press the gasket firmly to install around the door frame.
  • After gasket installed, ensure that each end is evenly extended on each side at bottom. Re-install gasket as needed.

For additional service procedures, please locate the DWP62 Series Service Manual located within the following article:  EdgeStar Dishwasher Service Documents