How do I replace the control circuit board on my EDGESTAR VBR series beverage merchandise fridge?

The control circuit board on your EDGESTAR VBR series beverage merchandiser functions as both the display and the controls for the unit. A failing control circuit board may lead to a blank display, an error code, or inability to set the temperature on the unit. The following instructions will show you how to replace the control circuit board.



VBR240, VBR440, VBR640


Tools Needed

  • Phillips screwdriver



NOTE: Disconnect the unit from the power source before attempting any repairs.


Step 1: Remove the control panel assembly

  • Remove the four Phillips screws securing the control panel assembly to the fridge



  • Slowly pull the panel down on one side and twist it sideways


NOTE: There are electrical connectors for each light and the control circuit board. Do not pull too hard and damage those connectors.




Step 2: Remove and replace the control circuit board

 Disconnect the electrical connectors on the circuit board



  • Unclip the circuit board from the control panel housing
  • Clip the new circuit board into place
  • Reconnect the 3 electrical connections


Step 3: Reinstall the control panel assembly

 Lift the control panel assembly into place

  • Attach the four screws to secure the control panel to the fridge




Procedure Completed!


For additional service procedures, please locate the VBR Series Service Manual located within the following article:  EdgeStar VBR Series Service Documents