How do I replace the control circuit board on my Koldfront by EDGESTAR TWR181ES thermoelectric wine fridge?

The control circuit board on your TWR181ES thermoelectric wine fridge is used to control the set temperature and also displays the temperature for your unit. If this circuit board is failing you may have a display that is not visible or you may not be able to set the temperature on your unit. 


TWR181ES Control Board Replacement

NOTE: Empty contents of unit and disconnect from power source before attempting any repairs.

 Tools Needed

  • Butter Knife (Or a thin plastic pry tool)
  • Phillips Screwdriver


STEP 1: Remove the control panel assembly

  • With a butter knife or a thin plastic pry tool, remove the two decorative covers that cover the control panel screws by prying behind them

NOTE: Be careful not to scratch the panel

  • Remove the Philips screws from control panel

  • Remove the control panel from the unit.

Step 2: Remove and replace the control board assembly

  • Peel the black tape off of the back of the control panel to expose the circuit board

  • Remove the three electrical connectors from the circuit board

  • Remove the Phillips screws securing the control board to the housing


  • Slide the new board under the clips and reinstall the two Phillips screws



Step 3: Reinstall the control panel assembly


  • Reconnect the three electrical connectors – The clip side of the connector goes on the panel side


  • Reinstall the black plastic tape cover over the circuit board


  • Reinstall the panel to the door by carefully feeding the wiring into the door



  • Reinstall the two Phillips screws securing the panel to the door



  • Reinstall the two decorative plugs over the screws



Procedure Completed!