How do I replace the check valve assembly on my EDGESTAR DWP62 series countertop dishwasher?

The below instructions can be used to replace the check valve component on your EdgeStar DWP62 series countertop dishwasher. The check valve is a one way valve that prevents wastewater in the drain system from flowing back into the pump.

NOTE: Empty contents of unit and disconnect from power source before attempting any repairs.

Tools and Parts Needed:

- Phillips Screwdriver     - Flat Tip Screwdriver      - Needle nose pliers

- Gear drive hose clamp (1) 


Check Valve Removal and Replacement

Step 1: Remove Base Tray Cover

Step 2: Remove the hose clamp on the drain pump

  • Use a flat tip screwdriver to pry the clips securing the ends of the crimp clamp together.
  • Remove clamp and discard.  The original crimp clamps are not reusable. Gear drive hose clamps (not supplied) are required to complete the repair. 

  • Remove clamp and discard
  • Remove the end of the hose from the drain pump

Step 3: Remove and replace the check valve


  • Use needle nose pliers and gently pull the valve assembly out of the hose


  • Slide the new check valve assembly into place

NOTE: The drain pump is keyed so the valve can only go in one way. It is easiest to start pushing it in and slowly sping it until it slides over the keyway.


  • Make sure the valve seats all the way in

Step 4: Reinstall the drain hose

  • Slide a gear drive hose clamp over the end of the hose
  • Slide the hose over the connection on the drain pump
  • Tighten the hose clamp



Step 5: Reinstall the Bottom Panel


For additional service procedures, please locate the DWP62 Series Service Manual located within the following article:  EdgeStar Dishwasher Service Documents