How do I replace the door components on my EDGESTAR DWP62 series countertop dishwasher?

The door components on the EDGESTAR DWP62 series counterop dishwasher consists of several components. The Inner Door, Outer Door Panel, Control Panel Cover, and Soap Dispenser. These components can sometimes be damaged when moving the unit or storing the unit. A damaged inner door could cause a bad seal leading to a water leak. 

NOTE: Empty contents of unit and disconnect from power source before attempting any repairs. 

DWP62 Series Door Component Replacement Instructions

Tools Needed:

- Phillips Screwdriver     - Flat Tip Screwdriver     - Needle nose pliers


Step 1: Remove the control panel cover

  • Remove the 8 top Philips head screws on the inner door
  • The door latch is loose at this point and can be set aside.

  • Disconnect the electrical connector for the control circuit boards


NOTE: If replacing the control panel you will need to remove the screws securing the control circuit boards to the panel.


Step 2: Remove outer door panel


  • Remove the four lower Philips head screws from the inside of the door


NOTE: Hold the outside panel so it does not fall when removing the final screws



  •  Slide the panel down off of the alignment pins and pull the panel away from the door



Step 3: Remove the Soap Dispenser

NOTE: This is a good time to take some pictures of the electrical connectors so you may refer back to them during reassembly

  • Use needle nose pliers or a flat tip screwdriver to remove the electrical connectors from the soap dispenser

NOTE: One of the locking tabs may not be accessible with the dispenser installed. You may have to unscrew the dispenser to get access to the backside of the connector


  • Remove the 6 screws holding the two brackets that attach the soap dispenser to the door

NOTE: The lower screws also attach a bracket that attaches to the bottom of the soap dispenser

  • Remove the soap dispenser by carefully pushing the part through the front of the door


Step 4: Remove and replace the inner door panel

  • Remove the two Philips head screws on each side of the door

  • With the door is in the almost closed position, lift up on the inner door detaching it from the frame of the unit


  • Slide the inner door back into place
  • Attach the two screws on each side of the door


Step 5: Reinstall the soap dispenser

  • Slide the soap dispenser into place in the same orientation you removed it from
  • Tighten the six Philips screws that secure the soap dispenser to the door

NOTE: It is easiest to start the top three screws to hold the soap drawer then line up the lower bracket and install those screws. Once all of the screws are started, you can go back and tighten them

  • Reinstall the electrical connectors on the soap dispenser.


NOTE: Refer back to your photo taken earlier to put the connectors back in the right location


Step 6: Reinstall the outer door panel


  • Line up the alignment pins with the holes on the door and slide the door up into place



  • Start all four Philips head screws a few threads

  • Once all four screws are started, tighten them with a Philips screwdriver


Step 7: Reinstall the control panel cover


  • Reposition the door latch through the inner door
  • Line the control panel cover up with the alignment pins


  • Reattach the electrical connector to the control circuit boards
  • Start the 8 Philips head screws a few threads each
  • Once all of the screws are started, tighten the screws




For additional service procedures, please locate the DWP62 Series Service Manual located within the following article:  EdgeStar Dishwasher Service Documents