How do I replace the inlet valve on my EDGESTAR DWP62 series countertop dishwasher?

The inlet valve on the DWP62 series countertop dishwasher controls the inflow of water into the dishwasher. The valve opens and closes to allow water into the unit based on signals from the control board. If the inlet valve fails you may receive an error code or find that there was not enough water to efficiently clean your dishes. 

NOTE: Empty contents of unit and disconnect from power source before attempting any repairs.

Tools and Parts Needed:

- Phillips screwdriver    - Flat head screwdriver    - Needle nose pliers   

- Gear drive hose clamps (4)


Inlet Valve Removal and Replacement 

Step 1: Remove Base Tray Cover

Step 2: Remove and replace the inlet valve assembly


  • Remove the electrical connectors from the inlet valve and place to the side.
  • Use a flat tip screwdriver to pry the clips securing the ends of the hose clamp together. Remove and discard clamp.
  • From the outside of the unit, push the yellow snap latch towards the inside of the unit, turn and line up with the latches to remove.


  • Install the new inlet valve in the same orientation you removed it from
  • Turn the valve to line up with the latches, and the snap latch will re-enage.
  • Slide the gear drive clamp over the hose
  • Slide the hose back over the inlet valve and tighten the clamp
  • Reinstall the electrical connections on the inlet valve

Step 3: Reinstall the Bottom Panel


For additional service procedures, please locate the DWP62 Series Service Manual located within the following article:  EdgeStar Dishwasher Service Documents