How to clean a dirty fan in a thermoelectric wine cooler.

The fans in the TWR series thermoelectric wine coolers are simply computer fans, powered directly by the circuit board. You do not have to worry about motors or capacitors with these types of fans, but you might notice that they become noisy after a given amount of time. The most common cause of a noisy fan is a build up of dust or dirt inside the unit being hit by the fan blades. Just like a computer, it is a good idea to clean out the interior of your wine cooler every month. Not only can monthly maintenance prevent noisy fans, more importantly it also protects the circuit boards from possible static electricity charge which can be carried by dust.

Let's take a look at how to access the inner and outer fans and how to clean them.

NOTE: Unplug the unit before working on or making changes to the unit.

1. Remove the 12 screws securing the back cover to the unit. There are 9 screws on the main portion of the cover, with 3 screws hidden above the drain pan.



2. Carefully remove the cover, exposing the outer fans and main circuit board. The amount of fans and boards will vary by model number.


3. Use a can of condensed air to spray around the fans and circuit board as necessary. Be careful not to spray any given part of the unit for an extended period of time, as the air coming out of the can is extremely cold and could cause damage, especially to the circuit board.


4. Once maintenance is complete, screw the cover back onto the unit and turn the unit so that front is facing you. While the inner fan is not as susceptible to dirt and dust build up due to its location, you might still want to clean it. Remove the rubber screw covers with a flat blade screw driver to reveal the screws. Then remove the screws to take off the fan cover.


5. Screw the fan cover back onto the unit, and place the screw covers back over each screw. Your maintenance is now complete.