Where can I find replacement parts for my EdgeStar appliance?

For the most part, EdgeStar repair and replacement parts can be found at edgestar.com under the appropriate product's information page. The tutorial posted below will help you locate the replacement parts page for your unit. 


*** Note - Some units may not show up on edgestar.com but there are still replacement parts available. If you do not see the part you need, or your unit, you may go to support.egestar.com and fill out a parts request ticket and an agent will get back to you. 


How to find replacement parts for your unit:

  • Visit edgestar.com and search for your unit in the search bar. For the sake of this tutorial, we will be using a CWR461DZ wine refrigerator.


  • Follow the link to visit the product page. Sometimes multiple units will come up. Select your identical unit. Some units will look similar but some of the parts may not be interchangeable. 
  • On the product page, move your eyes down just below where you can add the unit to your shopping cart. You should see shipping information. Below that you will see "EdgeStar CWR461DZ Replacement parts." This is a clickable link that takes you to a page with the replacement parts.


  • Click that link and scroll through the parts that are available online. 

  • Parts can be purchased directly through the website.