Is there a panel missing from the back of my CWR / CBR / BR unit?

At first glance, you may feel like there is something missing from the back of your unit. The compressor, relay, and multiple other parts are exposed and it may look unfinished or incomplete. No worries! Your unit is complete and is designed to have those parts exposed. The reason is that the compressor actually gets very warm while in operation and requires adequate ventilation to ensure it performs well. If the compressor is covered while operating, it will cause the unit to overwork in an attempt to compensate for the heat build up the compressor is causing. If left in this state for prolonged periods, it will cause the unit to “freeze up.” A “frozen” unit will often have visible ice on the inside and will not be able to regulate temperatures to desired levels for your beverages. To avoid this, we recommend you make sure the compressor is not covered and you leave 3”- 4” of space between the back of the unit and the wall.