My CWB1760FD is showing an E6 error code. What does this mean?

The E6 error on the CWB1760FD indicates the solenoid valve is not working correctly. The solenoid valve is part of the coolant sealed system that switches back and forth allowing one side of the unit to cool at a time. The error code doesn’t just indicate if the valve itself is defective, it could also mean that the the wire from the solenoid to the Power PCB board is loose, the wire from the Control PCB to the Power PCB is loose, or the power PCB is defective, the control PCB is defective. If the wires are loose, simply reconnecting them will resolve the error and allow the solenoid to work properly. If either of the PCB boards are defective, replacing them and securing the wires will resolve the issue. If the solenoid itself is defective, you will be aware of this typically because the solenoid will be “stuck” to where is cools only one side and will not switch to cooling the other side.

Because the solenoid is part of the coolant sealed system, it is not and easy repair and can be costly. The coolant sealed system is a closed loop of tubing and parts that allows the coolant to be moved throughout the unit and effectively cool it. Making a repair to the sealed system requires a technician to cut into the system, replace a part, weld a patch to the cuts, then charge the system with more coolant. Because this can be dangerous and labor intensive, it is often expensive.

We do carry replacement solenoid valves and PCB boards. The SKU for the solenoid valve is PCWB1760FD40. The SKU for the Control PCB is PCWB1760FD14, and the SKU for the Power PCB is PCWB1760FD47.