How can I check the ribbon cable connection on my Kodlfront WAC or WTC Series air conditioner?

While rare, excessive vibration during shipment may cause the ribbon cable that connects the front control panel to the control board to become disconnected. This can result in a unit that will not power on and/or may appear to power on but will not perform all functions correctly. To remedy this issue, the ribbon cable connection must be checked and re-connected if loose or disconnected.

Please refer to the below instructions:

You may download these instructions by clicking the following link: WAC WTC Series Ribbon Cable

Step 1: Remove Front Panel
1.1 Disconnect unit from power supply.

1.2 Remove 2 (two) Phillips head screws that attach front panel to cabinet. The screws are located on the lower left and right sides of the front panel as noted in the following images.

1.3 Gently release / remove panel far enough to reveal ribbon cable that connects the control panel to the control box within the interior cabinet.

Step 2: Inspect the ribbon cable connection
2.1 If ribbon cable is fully disconnected as shown in the image below, simply re-connect firmly.

2.2 If upon initial inspection it appears that the ribbon cable is properly connected, it is still recommended that you disconnect and reconnect in order to verify a firm connection.

Step 3: Test Unit

3.1 Place front panel in the correct positioning to re-attach to cabinet.

3.2 Plug unit into a properly rated power source.

3.3 Power on unit using control panel or remote control (depending on model).

3.4 Test to verify problem has been resolved and that all functions are working properly.

Step 4: Secure Panel to Cabinet Frame to complete repair

4.1 Unplug unit from power source.

4.2 Re-attach 2 (two) Phillips head screws to secure front panel to cabinet.

4.3 Plug unit back into power source - repair completed.

If your problem has not been resolved, please contact EdgeStar Support for additional assistance.



It is important to always check the status of the LCDI plug when troubleshooting an air conditioning appliance that will not power on.

- Check the LCDI plug to see if it has been tripped and needs to be reset.

- The LCDI plug can be tested for proper function by pressing the TEST button.

- Locate and press the RESET button on the plug. If the RESET button fails to function, the power cord must be replaced.

Note: LCDI stands for ‘Leakage Current Detection and Interruption’ and is designed to detect damage to your appliance and home electrical system to your appliance and home electrical system.