Freezer Quick Reference Guide

Locks and hinges:

  • Units made in or after 2015 have a latch with a hole so that a lock can be added.
  • Metal hinges are available if plastic ones break


DC -  Cords come in 2 lengths 6ft and 10ft  


Fuse for this unit is located inside the DC cord’s male end and takes a 15 amp fuse


Sensor error codes:

  • OC - Sensor circuit is no longer closed
  • SC - resistor shorted out
  • Freezer unit has 2 sensors.
    • One functional out of the box, the 2nd is a backup incase the first one fails


AC & DC differences:

  • AC - Connection requires 115v. used with a pronged wall outlet.
  • DC - Connection use with car cigarette lighter.  
    • Minimum of 104v or more is required


Control panel difference:  

  • Grey colored panel with Red Buttons - models made in 2015 or later
  • White colored panel with Black Buttons - models made before 2015.  Has “FF” instead of the “mode” button


Fast Freeze:  

  • Max temperature is  -8 degrees
  • Should only run in this mode for 4 hours when freezing.



  • Encased inside the wall of the unit.
  • No access due to it being a sealed system


This unit does not have a relay


Not cooling:


  1. Check control module located in the front.
  2. Verify the condenser on the side is clean of debris and dirt
  3. Confirm that the sensor is not failed
  4. if the issue is still not resolved, trade out the dc power supply and transformer


No Power in AC mode

  1. Plug unit into DC outlet.
    1. If it works, the AC transformer is bad and needs to be replaced




Control panel has 3 parts

  1. Control module
  2. Face plate  
  3. Display label