My EdgeStar combo washer dryer is shaking or vibrating. What can I do?

The EdgeStar CWD1510 and CWD1550 series combo washer dryers utilize 'transport shipping bolts' to secure the internal drum in place during shipping.  This is typical of all front loading style washing machines and is intended to secure the drum in place to prevent internal damage during the shipping process.  On front loading machines, like the EdgeStar Combo Washer Dryer, the drum is suspended on springs within the cabinet.  This allows for the drum to swing freely to accommodate the spinning motion of the various cycles as well as to assist in proper weight balancing required to operate effectively.  

When these transport shipping bolts are not removed, the drum is unable to swing freely and the result is a unit that shakes in such a significant manner that it may make excessive noise and/or move or "skip" across the floor. 

There are 4 of these shipping bolts installed through the backside of the washer dryer cabinet.  

The below is listed in each user manual for model CWD1550:

On each new model shipped, the below tag is affixed to the unit.  

If you are experiencing an issue related to shaking or excessive noise please check and verify that all four (4) of the shipping bolts have been removed.  If you are still experiencing problem, please contact EdgeStar Support.  

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