BWC Series Condensation Tray

This articles applies to the following EdgeStar models:


On EdgeStar BWC Series model beverage refrigerators there a condensation drip tray located above the compressor.  The purpose of this tray is to collect any condensation that may occur during operation in environments with moderate to high levels of humidity.  Water is collected into this tray which is then evaporated due to the heat that is generated by the compressor.  The tray can be seen when viewing the backside of the unit.  The condensation drip tray clips into a metal bracket on top of the compressor. 

On rare occasions this tray can shake loose during shipment and will need to be re-connected.  This is an easy fix as there is only one way in which this tray can be re-attached to the top of the compressor.  The tray simply slides onto the metal clip on the top of the compressor until it snaps / clicks into place.