EdgeStar beer faucet parts breakdown

Attached is a PDF file showing the faucet assembly from an EdgeStar KC2000 and KC1000 application. These units, in their standard configuration, use our own brand components. Some variations may still use Taprite components, but for most applications, this faucet is correct for those models. 


Fully assembled EdgeStar beer faucet:

faucet with all the parts on the handle side unscrewed

If you look carefully, you will see two washers in here. Make sure not to lose those. One fits
down into the faucet, the other into that collar piece that unscrews:

Here is a close up of that:

You will be able to remove the assembly that pushes the piston in and out to allow beer to pour:

Here is a close up of that part:

On the shank side of the assembly, you will see a spring. The narrow side of that spring goes
into the faucet:

There is also a rubber washer inside of the end of the faucet to keep it from leaking: