My window or through the wall air conditioner is not cooling my room enough.  What can I do?

If your air conditioner is running but not cooling sufficiently, please check the following:

Unit Specifications & Temperature Readings

  • It is important that the air conditioner capacity is adequate for the space where it is operating. Refer to the specifications listed in your user manual to ensure that the room in which the unit is operating is appropriate.
  • A unit the can cool a 500 square foot room may cycle on and off more frequently in a room that is only 250 square feet. A unit that is rated for 250 square feet may not be able to properly cool a room that is 500 square feet. A unit that is too big or too small for a room will not cool efficiently.
  • Room temperature readings will vary from location to location while the unit is using a thermostat and temperature sensor located within the portable air conditioning housing.
  • Output temperature is not the same as ambient room temperature. To determine if the unit it working properly, it is important to measure the output air temperature. A unit, when working properly, will be able to output air that is 15-20°F below the ambient room temperature.

Poor air circulation

  • An air conditioner that seems to shut off too frequently is oftentimes the result of the unit being located in a small room, or a room with poor air circulation or poor insulation. This is sometimes referred to as "short cycling." When poor circulation exists, the cool air exiting the portable air conditioner does not mix with the warmer air in the room quickly enough. As a result, the thermostat is not getting a true reading of the ambient room temperature and may turn off prematurely.
  • In a small room, your air conditioner may quickly reach the desired temperature. Unfortunately, a room that is poorly insulated will need to be cooled more frequently, resulting in the air conditioner turning on and off more frequently.

Clogged or blocked exhaust vents

  • Check to make sure the exhaust vents on the exterior of the unit are not clogged with debris such as leaves that may prevent the exhaust air from exiting freely. Refer to your user manual for specific instructions.

Clogged intake filter

  • Check to verify that the air intake duct(s) are not clocked or blocked. Oftentimes lint, pet hair and other foreign matter can clog the air intake filters which can prevent the unit from operating efficiently and may put undue strain on the appliance. Refer to your user manual for specific instructions.