About EdgeStar

About EdgeStar, Avallon and KoldFront Appliances

EdgeStar, Avallon and KoldFront are the marquee brands for Living Direct, Inc. Our products are designed and developed to accent today's busy lifestyles. Life today can be so hectic and rushed, and EdgeStar, Avallon and Koldfront products are brought to the market on the belief that thoughtful, well-designed products can fit into your life and make it easier, giving you more time to spend doing what matters.

Our products have a focus on portability and innovative use of small spaces, while keeping an emphasis on quality construction and attentive customer support. When you purchase an EdgeStar, Avallon or KoldFront product, we believe that you open a relationship between you and us, and we will provide the customer support to nurture that relationship.

EdgeStar is an industry leader in the compact appliance field, developing compact and portable appliances designed for today's busy lifestyles. When you purchase an EdgeStar product, you are guaranteed to get a quality, innovative product and you can count on EdgeStar's top flight customer service organization to stand behind the product with all aspects of customer support, from installation to service and more.

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