How do I adjust the clock and timer settings on my IP211SS portable ice maker?

Your IP211SS portable ice maker includes both a clock function and a timer function that may be adjusted using the buttons found on the control panel.  For reference, please refer to the image below.  

To adjust the CLOCK setting:

  1. Press Clock Button - the hour indicator will start flashing.  
  2. Press the TIMER button to increase the hour setting in increments of 1 hour.  Please note, the clock display is in 24 hour format.  
  3. Press the CLOCK button again - the minutes indicator will start flashing.
  4. Press the TIMER button to increase the minutes setting in increments of 1 min.  
  5. Press the CLOCK button again to exit the clock setup function.

To adjust the TIMER setting:

  1. Press the TIMER button - the timer indicator will begin flashing
  2. Press the CLOCK button to increase the timer setting in 30 minute increments.
  3. Press the TIMER button to exit the timer setup function