How do I adjust / align the door switch on my CWB/IWR Series Wine Cooler?

The following instructions will help you adjust the magnetic door switch on your EdgeStar CWB / IWR Series wine cooler if an alignment problem has occurred. When the magnetic door switch is out of alignment, the unit may incorrectly sense that the door has been left open. As a result, the door alarm / beep may sound and the unit may stop cooling. In this scenario, you may notice that if the door is closed tighter or opened slightly, the alarm will turn off and the unit will turn on. The display panel may also display an error code. In any of these scenarios, the cause may be an out of alignment magnetic door switch which can be quickly resolved by making a minor adjustment.

Please note: This situation can sometimes occur when you have recently reversed the door swing on your wine cooler unit.

To adjust the alignment of the door switch, please follow the instructions below:

1. Locate the door switch

The door switch is located on the underside of the center control panel on the right hand side of the unit.

Please refer to the area circled in red in the below image.

2. Locate the Phillips head screws that attach the sensor to the control panel.

There are 2 Phillips screws that are located on the underside of the switch. The are circled in red in the image below. Note that the image is taken from underneath, looking upwards towards the top of the unit.

3. Remove Phillips head screw

Go ahead and remove the screw that is closer to the middle of the unit - circled in red in the image below. When looking at the unit from the front, this is the screw on the left side of the switch.

4. Adjust the angle of the switch.

After the screw has been removed, you will need to adjust the corner of the switch slightly forward. With your fingers, slightly nudge the switch so that the left side extends slightly past the edge of the control panel frame.

This will allow the switch to be properly contacted when the door is closed. Repeat this process, making very slight adjustments, until the unit works as intended with the door closed.

Please note: The switch will operate as intended with only 1 screw installed.

Click the below link to download a copy of this alignment tip: