What regular maintenance is needed on my window air conditioner?

Proper and regular maintenance of your window air conditioner will help you keep your unit operating at optimal efficiency for many years.  There are a few basic areas of maintenance that can greatly effect the operating efficiency, energy consumption and overall life expectancy of your window air conditioner.

At a minimum, maintenance should occur at the end of each season in which the air conditioner is in use. Regular inspection and maintenance is recommended as well.  

1. Check and clean the air filter.

The filter is a vitally important component of your window air conditioner.  The filter prevents unwanted buildup of dust, pet hair and other airborne particles that can collect on the internal components of the unit, most importantly the condenser coils.  Ensuring that the filter is regularly cleaned is the most important maintenance task associated with a window air conditioner unit.  A clogged or dirty filter that restricts the intake airflow can greatly reduce the efficiency of the air conditioning system.  Reduced efficiency results in increased run times and higher than normal energy usage.  

2. Inspect and clean the inside coils

Before you begin operating your air conditioner each season, it is important to inspect and clean the condenser coils.  A properly cleaned and maintained filter will do a great job at limiting the buildup of dust and airborne particles on the coils, but will not eliminate the problem completely.   The coils can be cleaned by opening the front cover panel and using a vacuum with a soft bristle brush attachment to gently clean and remove buildup of dust and other particles.  Be careful not to bend or damage the coils. 

3. Inspect and clean the outside coils

The outside coils may or may not need the same amount of cleaning as the inside coils.  Cleaning can typically be accomplished by using a hose with spray attachment to thoroughly rinse of dirt and dust and any other debris that may collect on the coils and fins.  On this same note, it is very important to ensure that tree branches, bushes etc are properly trimmed to allow for plenty of space around the exterior of your air conditioning unit.  

4. Properly clean and store you unit when not in use.  

At the end of each season of air conditioner use, perform the above noted maintenance and properly store the unit in a protected environment where it will be free from dust and other adverse environmental factors.

If you are unsure or not comfortable with performing any of the above noted maintenance steps, please contact and authorized air conditioning technician.  

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