What is the '3 in 1' cycle setting option on my Edgestar countertop dishwasher?

The '3 in 1' option should be used in conjunction with '3 in 1' detergent tablets or gel packs which combine a detergent, rinse aid and drying agent into a single packet.  The '3 in 1' option will automatically adjust the cycle settings and sensors for modified cycle times. 

3 in 1 tablets or gel packs are often used when the water source is "hard" or contains high levels of minerals that cause residue buildup on dishes.

UPDATE: The '3 in 1' function is no longer necessary as an option as the built in wash cycle sensors no longer require the manual selection of the 3 in 1 option.  This feature / button option will be removed from future productions of EdgeStar countertop dishwashers.