Portable AC Troubleshooting Tips

Issue Possible Cause Solution
The portable air conditioner does not turn on There was a power failure Restore the power supply
The unit turns on, but the compressor does not turn on- the fan runs, but there is no cooling The room temperature is outside of the operational tolerances of the unit Most units are designed to work in ambient temperatures of 64°F to 90°F
The air coming out of the unit is not very cold, or the airflow volume is weak The filter is dirty or obstructed Clean the filter
The unit has worked for a long time, but the room is not cold enough Windows or doors are open Close all windows and doors into the room when the unit is cooling
The unit is very noisy The unit is not level Make sure the unit is level
The unit is leaking water onto the floor The rubber drain stoppers are not installed Install the rubber drain stoppers