How do I assemble and install the exhaust hose on my EdgeStar AP14003W portable air conditioner?

Assembly and installation of the exhaust hose for all portable air conditioners follows the same basic steps.  For the EdgeStar AP14003W portable air conditioner, please refer to the below instruction steps or you may download a copy of these instructions here.

Step 1: Connect Adapters to Exhaust Hose
To connect the Window Exhaust Adapter (a) to Exhaust Hose (b), simply extend the open end of the flexible exhaust hose so that you can thread the adapter into place. Rotate the adapter until tightened securely. Repeat this process for Hose Adapter (c) and tighten securely.

Step 2: Place unit in location
Roll the unit towards the location where the window kit has been installed. Please ensure that the unit is at least 20 inches from the wall to ensure proper ventilation.

Step 3: Connect Exhaust Hose to unit
Align the slots on the Hose Adapter to the Air Outlet on the back of the unit. Slide the hose downward and into place.

Step 4: Connect Exhaust Hose to the window kit.
Push the Window Exhaust Adapter which has been attached to the Exhaust Hose through the window kit hole and rotate until secure.

After you have installed the exhaust hose and window kit, you can plug in your portable air conditioner and power on.

You may also download the EdgeStar AP14003W Exhaust Hose Assembly and Installation document: