Why is my dehumidifier not draining through the drain hose properly?

If your dehumidifier is not draining properly, it is recommended that you thoroughly inspect the drain setup / options that have been outlined in your usual manual. General instructions are listed below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All EdgeStar dehumidifiers include an internal water bucket for collection if water that is extracted from the air. When the water bucket is full, the unit WILL not continue to operate REGARDLESS of what drain method is being used. What this means is that even if the unit is setup for continuous gravity drain or drainage by way of an internal pump, the unit WILL not operate is the internal water bucket is full (or not installed properly).

Check Gravity Drain Setup - All Models

Note: Gravity Drain Setup refers to models that offer the capability to drain collected water via a drain hose by way of gravity (downhill)

  1. Check and verify that the drain hose is running in a downhill manner all the way to the drainage port / sink / floor drain. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. A drain hose that bends or that has been routed to drain water uphill will not work. This drain setup relies on gravity to work properly.
  2. Check to make sure that your drain hose is free from bends and kinks, clogs or other damage that may prevent water from flowing freely.
  3. If the drain hose has been routed into a drain, such as a standpipe or down into a standard sink, PLEASE ensure that the hose end is not resting in standing water. This will prevent water from draining due to the pressure created by the standing water. Adjust the hose end positioning accordingly.
  4. Check to verify that the drain hose adapter has been installed properly. Improper installation of the drain hose adapter may result in the unit continuing to drain into the bucket, or not draining at all.

Other tips:

  • You may want to cut off or remove excess drain hose to allow how to extend with fewer curves and bends.
  • If the bucket full indicator is on, check to make sure that the bucket is empty as the unit is designed to shut off regardless of drain method being used if / when the water bucket is full. Also, check to make sure the bucket has been properly reinstalled into the unit.  There is a safety switch that engages when the bucket is removed that is active until the bucket is re-installed properly.
  • Check to verify that the float switch located inside the water bucket (foam block attached to rotating arm) is free from obstruction and is not stuck in the up (full) position.

Check Pump Drain Setup - For Models with Built-In Pump (ex: DEP300WP/500WP/700WP)

  1. At the drain port on the back of the unit where the pump drain hose is attached is a sensor that detects if the pump drain hose has been properly connected. If the sensor is not properly engaged, the unit will not activate the pump.
  2. The pump will only be activated if the pump drain hose has been connected properly. The pump drain hose attachment when properly connected will "click" into place.

For additional information, please refer to the help articles, How do I drain my dehumidifier? and Can I use a drain hose to drain my dehumidifier?

If your dehumidifier is displaying an error cause which is causing it to not operate, please review the help article regarding dehumidifier error codes.