How to I clean the filter on my EdgeStar dehumidifier?

On a regular basis it is required that the filter be inspected for buildup of lint, dust and other materials. A clogged filter can restrict proper airflow and cause undue strain on the mechanical components of your dehumidifier resulting in reduced performance and shorter product lifespan.

Clean the filter periodically to prolong the unit’s life, and keep the unit running efficiently. Lint, dust, and dirt can clog the unit and reduce its performance and effectiveness. If the unit is used in a dusty environment you may need to clean the filter on a weekly basis. **NEVER operate your dehumidifier without the filter properly installed.

This article details the process for removing and cleaning the filter for your EdgeStar dehumidifier.  The same basic cleaning instructions apply to all models.  You may download a copy of these instructions here.

To clean the filter:

1. Power the unit off and remove the filter.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner or gently tap the filter to remove loose dust and dirt and then rinse thoroughly under lukewarm water (below 104°F).  You may use a mild soap and water solution as needed. **DO NOT attempt to clean the filter in a dishwasher.   Doing so will damage the filter material.

3. Allow the filter to dry thoroughly in a cool shaded place.  

4. Reinstall the filter.

Please review the below images for filter locations:

EdgeStar models DEP301EW / DEP501EW and DEP701EW:


EdgeStar model DEP500WP / DEP700WP:


You may also download the EdgeStar Dehumidifier Filter Cleaning document: