General Maintenance Videos

The following support, troubleshooting and diagnostic videos are available to assist you in understanding the basic components of your appliance.  The procedures performed in these videos are for informational purposes only.  

CWD1510W Under the Cover Part 1 of 4: Water Inlet issues

CWD1510W Under the Cover Part 2 of 3: Water Level Sensor

CWD1510W Under the Cover Part 3 of 4: Blower Motor

CWD1510W Under the Cover Part 4 of 4: Heating Element

CWD1510W Bottom of Unit

CWD1510W Under the Cover

CWD1510W Front of Unit

CWD1510W Control Board

CWD1510W Door Replacement

*Warranty service should be performed by an authorized service representative only. Videos for informational purposes only.  Performing maintenance, service or parts replacement that are not specified in your product's user / installation manual may void your warranty.  Please do not attempt to disassemble or repair your appliance unless instructed to do so by an authorized EdgeStar Service Representative.