How to I clean the lint trap / coin trap on my EdgeStar combo washer dryer?

Your EdgeStar Combo Washer Dryer contains a built in coin trap system that will collect small objects during the wash cycle.  This may include items such as coins, bits of paper, excessive amounts of lint etc.  It is important to make sure that all foreign objects have been remove from pockets etc. prior to starting a wash cycle. Sharp and rigid items such as coins, nails, screws, stones etc. may cause serious damage to this machine.  Periodic inspection and cleaning of the coin trap is required to properly maintain your appliance.

PLEASE NOTE: Your ventless combo washer does not include a traditional lint filter as is found in most household dryers.  This is due to the manner in which the dryer function operates in a ventless washer dryer unit, whereby hot moist air is condensed and expelled through the drain line as opposed to a standard residential dryer appliance where hot air is circulated to evaporate moisture which is then expelled through a wall vent.  For additional information on combo washer dryers, please read What is a combination washer dryer?

The Coin trap door is located on the front, bottom right hand side of the machine.

Follow the below instructions to clean out the coin trap:

IMPORTANT: Please also note that objects may occasionally become stuck in the impeller pump which is located directly behind the coin trap.  Use a flashlight to look inside the coin trap and into the impeller pump housing.  Remove any foreign objects with a pair of needle nose pliers being sure not to damage any internal components.