How do I clean the filter on my Koldfront window air conditioner?

Periodically checking and cleaning the air filter on your window air conditioner is extremely important.  Improper maintenance of your air conditioner can lead to reduced efficiency, decreased performance and can shorten the life expectancy of your window air conditioner unit.  

The below instructions apply to Koldfront models:

  • WAC8001W/12001W/18001W/25001W
  • WAC8802WCO/1002WCO/12002WCO
  • WTC800W/10001W/12001W

To clean the air filter:

1. Adjust vent to be in the closed position

2. Open front panel by pulling forward to access the filter housing.  (see below images)

3. Grasp the filter, pull up and out

4. Wash the filter with warm water and a mild liquid detergent.  Rinse filter thoroughly

5. Gently shake excess water from filter and allow filter to dry thoroughly before reinstalling. Do not place in direct sunlight to dry filter as UV rays can damage the filter material.

6. If desired, you may use a vacuum cleaner to gently clean the filter as well.

DO NOT operate the unit without the filter installed. 

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