How do I adjust the leveling feet on my TWR Series thermo-electric wine cooler?

It is important that you properly level your wine cooler in order for the unit to function properly. Improper leveling can result in problems with door alignment and door sealing. A carpenters level can be used to determine the correct front to back and side to side leveling adjustments.  

The below instructions apply to the following EdgeStar / Koldfront Wine Cooler Models:


Each of the leveling feet can be adjusted by screwing the foot in or out depending on what is required to properly level your wine cooler.Adjustments can be made to each of the 4 leveling feet that are found on the base / bottom of the unit.  The leveling feet are located as indicated in the diagram below. Three of the leveling legs are located underneath the main body/frame of the cabinet while the fourth is located on the bottom of the lower door hinge.