How to reverse the door on my EdgeStar ice maker, model IB120SS?

Your EdgeStar IB120SS ice maker comes from the factory with the door installed in a right hinge fashion.  In this setup, the door handle is installed on the left side of the door and the door swings open to the right.  If desired, the door swing can be reversed by following the below steps.

A downloadable version of these instructions can be found at the end of this article.

Step 1: Disassembly

  • Start by removing the hinge cap covers that are located on the top of the cabinet on the side of the unit where the door is going to be installed.
  • Next, pry off the upper hinge cover plate with your fingers or a flat head screwdriver being careful not to scratch the surface of the cabinet.
  • Remove the Phillips head screws (2) that are securing the upper hinge in place.
  • While holding door in closed position, remove the upper hinge and hinge gasket.
  • Lift door upwards and remove, set aside.     

Step 2: Reverse Lower Pivot Hinge

  • Remove the lower pivot hinge cover screw
  • Remove lower pivot plate and pivot hinge
  • Insert lower pivot hinge and pivot plate on side of cabinet where door to be installed.
  • Install pivot hinge screw cover on opposite side.


Step 3: Re-Install Door

  • Insert upper hinge caps on upper cabinet side where door no longer installed.
  • Align left side of door with bottom pivot hinge and slide into place while holding door upright at a 90° angle to avoid damaging the door or lower pivot hinge.
  • Align hinge gasket and upper hinge over hinge mounting holes and secure with 2 screws making sure to slide door hinge pin into top of door frame.

NOTE: Use the hinge screw holes that correspond to the side of the cabinet on which the door is being installed.  Left holes for left side installation, right holes for right side installation.

  • Secure hinge into ice maker cabinet with 2 screws.
  • Slip hinge cover over upper hinge and snap into place.


Switch door handle (if door handle previously installed)

  • Using a Philips head screwdriver, remove the 4 screws that are securing the door handle in place.
  • Reinstall door handle on opposite side of door
  • Align holes in the handle with holes in the door
  • Insert screws through the holes and tighten with screwdriver

Click the below link to download a copy of the IB120SS Door Reversal Instruction Sheet