My EdgeStar Combo Washer / Dryer is displaying an E30 error code. What does it mean?

Your EdgeStar Combo Washer / Dryer has sensors to monitor for various conditions that may prevent the unit from operating in a normal manner.  Please refer to your user manual for error codes and operating instructions for your specific model.

Error Code Details:

E30 – Door lock failure.  The unit has attempted to lock the door without success.  Check to make sure the door has been properly closed and that nothing is obstructing the door latch.  Check to make sure the door latch is properly aligned with the door lock opening.  Power the unit OFF, wait a few minutes and then power the unit back ON.  Oftentimes, this will reset the built in electronic controls and reset the machine. 

If problems persist, please consult with an authorized technician or contact EdgeStar service at 800-297-6076.  Please have your model# and serial # available.