My EdgeStar Combo Washer / Dryer is displaying an E21 error code. What does it mean?

Your EdgeStar Combo Washer / Dryer has sensors to monitor for various conditions that may prevent the unit from operating in a normal manner.  Please refer to your user manual for error codes and operating instructions for your specific model.

Error Code Details:

E21 – Drain flow error.  This error will be displayed when the unit senses that the drain process is taking too long.  This error may be caused by a blockage occurring in the coin trap or in the drain line.

  1. Check and clean the coin trap. The Coin Trap can collect small objects from the wash cycle.  Clean out the coin trap regularly to ensure normal operation of washing machine. Please allow the unit to cool down sufficiently before opening the coin trap knob as hot water may be present.  The Coin trap door is located on the front, bottom right hand side of the machine.  Release the coin trap door tab to access the coin trap knob.  Be sure to have a drain pan or towel available to collect excess water that may spill from the coin trap.  Turn the coin trap knob counterclockwise to open and remove any foreign objects (coins, lint, items left in pockets) found inside.  Reinstall the coin trap knob and tighten firmly.
  2. Check the drain line to make sure that it is not crimped or twisted in a way that prevents or inhibits water flow.

Refer to the support video for additional information on cleaning the coin trap.

If problems persist, please consult with an authorized technician or contact EdgeStar service at 800-297-6076.  Please have your model# and serial # available.