My EdgeStar Combo Washer / Dryer is displaying an E3A error. What does that mean?

The EdgeStar Combo Washer Dryer is designed to sense various conditions that may prevent the unit from operating in a safe and efficient manner.  The E3A error code is displayed when the unit senses excessive heat and disables the unit from operating.  Typically, this is caused by reduced airflow resulting from a clogged vent duct or fan motor due to lint and residue buildup.  The following support video will explain in detail how to service your combo washer dryer when it displays the E3A error code. 

Please note: You may wish to power the unit OFF, wait 15 minutes and then power the unit back ON.  Oftentimes, this will reset the built in electronic controls and reset the machine. 

The following video will take you through Maintenance for the CWD1510W Combo Washer Dryer:

*Warranty service should be performed by an authorized service representative only.