My dishwasher is displaying an error code.  What does it mean?  

Your dishwasher has sensors to monitor for various conditions that may prevent the unit from operating in a normal manner.  Please refer to your user manual for error codes and operating instructions for your specific model. 

Common dishwasher error codes can be found in the list below:

E1 – Low water pressure. Check to make sure the faucet is fully opened and that the supply line is not bent in such a way that water cannot flow freely.

E2 – Abnormally long drain time.  Check to make sure that the drain line is not obstructed or bent in a way that restricts water flow.  Make sure the drain line is routed below the height of the dishwasher and that it has not been extended.  This will inhibit the ability of the drain function to operate properly.

E3 – Abnormally long water heater time.  The incoming water temperature is too cold.  Adjust the temperature of the water source. 

E4 – Overflow sensor.  Water pressure may be set to high.  The inlet hose may not be properly connected.  There is a malfunction or problem with the drain  check for an obstruction.