Why is my beverage / wine cooler making a clicking noise and not cooling?

The clicking noise you hear is most likely caused by the relay switch attempting to turn on the compressor.  If the compressor is not turning on and your beverage cooler is not cooling, you may need to replace the relay switch.

A replacement part can be ordered here: EdgeStar Replacement Compressor Relay Model # PBWC120SS25

This replacement relay switch will be labeled QP2-4R7 or QP24.7 on the side. It is compatible with the following Edgestar models: BWC70SS, BWC90SS, BWC90SSLT, BWC120SS,  BWC120SSLT,  BWR300BL, CWR181SZ, CWR301SZ, CWR262DZ, CWR461DZ, CWR531SZ, CWR1101DZ, CWR1211SZ, CWR1551DZ, & CWR1661SZ. If your unit is not listed, contact Edgestar Support to verify compatibility. 

Please Note: When inspecting the relay switch, if you notice cracking or if the relay ‘rattles’ when it is shaken, it may be a sign that the relay switch needs to be replaced.

Please review the following support video for additional information on replacing the relay switch. Your unit may look slightly different from the example in the video. 

*Warranty service should be performed by an authorized service representative only. 


The replacement relay can be purchased on EdgeStar.com. If your unit is not on the compatibility list, verify that the number matches QP2-4.7 and your relay only has one connector. If it does, the relay at the link below is compatible.