What do the indicator lights and display codes on my dehumidifier display mean?

Your dehumidifier has various indicator lights that may illuminate under certain conditions.  Additionally, your dehumidifier may display certain codes or messages to indicate status or operating modes.  Please refer to the user manual for your specific model for detailed operating instructions.  Common indicator lights and display messages can be found in the list below:

Filter – Illuminates to indicate that the filter needs to be cleaned. 

Full or Bucket Full – The water bucket is full and needs to be emptied. For additional information, please see How Do I Drain My Dehumidifier.

Cont.- Lights up when the unit is set to run continuously until the water bucket is full.

Turbo – Lights up to indicate the fan is on high setting.

Auto-Defrost - Lights up to indicate the auto-defrost operation is on.

For information on error codes your dehumidifier may display, please see My dehumidifier is displaying an error code.  What does it mean?