The auto-defrost feature on my dehumidifier keeps turning on.  Is this normal?

EdgeStar dehumidifiers are designed with an anti-frost sensor which detects the formation of ice on the condensing coils.  When the unit is operated in low temperatures (typically below approximately 54°F) a layer of frost may accumulate on the coils which will reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of the dehumidifier. When this occurs, the unit will automatically activate its auto-defrost feature and will turn off the compressor and continue to run the fan in order for warmer room air to cycle and assist with the thawing process.  The time required to complete the auto-defrost cycle varies and is dependent on the ambient temperature and relative humidity of the operating environment. The auto-defrost indicator located on the control panel will light up when the auto-defrost feature is running.

Please Note: Do Not operate your dehumidifier in temperatures below 41°F