Can I extend the exhaust hose for my portable air conditioner?

Unfortunately, No.  The exhaust hose that came with your portable air conditioner has been specifically designed for use with that particular unit.  Lengthening, modifying or using a longer hose can cause the unit to operate inefficiently and will reduce the cooling effectiveness of your portable air conditioner.  

The exhaust hose packaged with your portable air conditioner may be stretched to its maximum length (approximately 48 inches) however for maximum efficiency the hose to should be set to the shortest length possible keeping in mind to avoid kinks or bends in the hose.  

Please also note the unit clearance required for these units to operate efficiency is listed typically at 20" (from nearest wall or obstructions).  Please refer to the user manual for your product for additional information.  

You can also vent through the ceiling using a Drop Ceiling Kit or out a sliding glass door with this conversion kit

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