Why is my 45 Lbs Ice Maker Splashing Water?

Sometimes we receive calls and emails about 45 lbs. series ice makers splashing water or making weird looking ice. This applies to all the IB450SS, IB450SSP, and KIM450BL model ice makers. The water flow over the evaporator is regulated by the distribution tube. Sometimes after cleaning that tube gets pulled out and needs to be re-seated properly. It will make the ice look a little different than normal and it may even cause water splashing back in to the ice bucket.  Here is a picture of the ice being made from a unit with the distribution tube not seated properly:





Here is where the distribution tube is located on the machine:




Once you remove that tube, you should only see 3/4" to an 1" of the inner tube. Here is what the tube should look like:





When the inner tube is not seated all the way, it sticks out further allowing too much water flow. Here is what the tube looks like if it is pulled out slightly:





Once you remove that distribution tube, you will want to twist the inner part and push it in. It has a keyed slot at the end so if it is not lined up, it will not push all the way in. Here are some close ups of that part: