Why is my kegerator not as cold as it should be?

There are a few things to take into consideration when checking the temperature of a Kegerator.

  • The first is how / where you are measuring the temperature. A kegerator is intended to keep liquid at a consistent temperature. So, when measuring temperature, you ALWAYS want to measure liquid temperature inside the unit. Air temperature will fluctuate plus or minus 5 degrees of the set temp while the liquid temperature will stay fairly consistent. The best way to check the temperature is either with a liquid thermometer in a pint glass of water, or buying a liquid filled thermometer that is made specifically for checking liquid temperatures such as one made by Sure Temp. We have an article explaining liquid temperature vs. air temperature: Differences between air and liquid temperature readings 
  • Another thing you need to consider is whether or not the kegerator is empty or full. An empty kegerator will have to continually run to keep the air cool. Because air temperature is so easily affected, it takes more effort to cool the empty kegerator. If you place a keg of already chilled beer in the kegerator, you will find it A) Reaches temperature and stays there more effectively, and B) Does not cycle the compressor on and off as frequently. As with a full size refrigerator, your unit is meant to keep contents cold and will work better when it contains a full keg than when it is just trying to cool empty air.