Avallon Single Zone Cooler Service Documents

Below please find the Avallon Single Zone Cooler Service Documentation. 

The Service Manual contains product overview information, troubleshooting and diagnosis help, wiring diagram details, major component breakdown and parts replacement procedures.

Service Manual

Avallon Single Zone Cooler Service Manual

Models Covered: AFR151SSOD, AFR151SS, ABR151SG, AWC151SZ, ABR241SG, AWC241SZ, AFR241SS, AFR241SSOD, AWC241TSZ, AWC241FD

Wiring Diagrams

AFR151SS, AFR151SSOD, ABR151SG, AWC151SZ, ABR241SG, AWC241SZ Wiring Diagram

AFR241SS, AFR241SSOD Wiring Diagram

AWC241FD Wiring Diagram

AWC241TSZ Wiring Diagram

*Warranty service should be performed by an authorized service representative only.