EdgeStar Single Zone Cooler Service Documents

Below please find the EdgeStar Single Zone Cooler Service Documentation. 

The Service Manual contains product overview information, troubleshooting and diagnosis help, wiring diagram details, major component breakdown and parts replacement procedures.


Service Manuals

EdgeStar Single Zone Cooler Service Manual 

Models Covered:  BBR900BL, BR7001BL, BR7001SS, BR7001SSOD, BWR300BL, CBR1501SG , CBR1501SLD, CBR1501SSOD, CBR901SG, CWB2886FD, CWR1211SZ, CWR1661SZ, CWR181SZ, CWR301SZ, CWR361FD, CWR531SZ, CWR5631FD, CWR70SZ

EdgeStar BR1500 Series Kegerator Service Manual

Models Covered: BR1500SS, BR1500SSOD, BR1500BL


Dimensional Drawings

BR7001SS BR7001SSOD Dimensional Drawing

KC7000SS KC7000SSOD Dimensional Drawing

BR7001BL Dimensional Drawing

KC7000BL Dimensional Drawing

BR1500BL Dimensional Drawing

BR1500SS and BR1500SSOD Dimensional Drawing

KC1500BL Dimensional Drawing

KC1500SS and KC1500SSOD Dimensional Drawing

BWR300BL BBR900BL Dimensional Drawing

CBR1501SG CWR461DZ CWR531SZ AWC540 AWC640 Dimensional Drawing

CBR1501SLD CBR1501SSOD Dimensional Drawing

CWR181SZ Dimensional Drawing

CWR301SZ CWR262DZ CBR901SG Dimensional Drawing

CWR361FD Dimensional Drawing

CWR1661SZ CWR1551DZ CWR1431TZ Dimensional Drawing

CWR1101DZ CWR1211SZ Dimensional Drawing

CWR70SZ Dimensional Drawing

CWF440SZ Dimensional Drawing

CWR5631FD CWB2886FD Drawing


Wiring Diagrams

CBR1501SG, CWR531SZ, CWR301SZ, CBR901SG, BWR300BL, BBR900BL Wiring Diagram

BR7001SS, BR7001SSOD, BR7001BL Wiring Diagram

BR1500SS, BR1500SSOD, BR1500BL Wiring Diagram

CWR1211SZ_CWR1661SZ Wiring Diagram

CBR1501SLD, CBR1501SSOD Wiring Diagram

CWR5631FD, CWB2886FD Wiring Diagram

CWR181SZ Wiring Diagram

CWR361FD Wiring Diagram

CWR70SZ Wiring Diagram

*Warranty service should be performed by an authorized service representative only.