Can I plug my EdgeStar FP Series Portable freezer into both AC and DC power sources at the same time?

When the FP Series Portable Freezer is plugged into both AC and DC power sources, the power controller will always default to the AC power source.  If the AC power source were to become unavailable due to a power outage, the unit will automatically switch to the DC power source to provide continuous cooling.  

Please note that adequate DC power is required:

  • When attempting to plug your portable freezer into a standard 12 V socket, the unit will not work if socket has a voltage of less than 10.4 V. The unit will restart when the voltage is 11.8V or greater.
  • When attempting to plug unit into a standard 24 V socket, the unit will not work if the socket has a voltage of less than 22.5 V. The unit will restart when the voltage is 24.2 V or greater.

Models Covered: EdgeStar FP430, FP630, FP861