Why is the ice jamming up in my EdgeStar IB120SS?

If you have an EdgeStar IB120SS ice machine, you may have noticed the ice getting jammed inside the module.  If your unit makes a batch or two of ice and then stops, you may want to inspect to make sure the ice is not stuck in the module. These units use mechanical timers, and though they do a pretty good job getting them set right from the factory, you may run into an instance where the ice gets stuck in the teeth of the module. Below (you will also find an attached document) are the simple steps for adjusting the ice size on the IB120SS:


 1) Remove the white plastic cap on the end of the ice making module (the green part of the machine where the ice is produced):


 2) Locate the ice size screw and turn it one turn at a time. Turn it counter clockwise to reduce the cube size or clockwise to increase the cube size:



 3) To inspect the results, let the machine make several batches of ice. It may take 3 or 4 batches to fully see the results of the adjustment. If ice is stuck in the module, let the unit defrost overnight or until the ice melts enough to fall away from the module.