Digital Display KC1000/BR1000 Temperature - Control Board Adjustment Instructions

If you are having an issue with your KC1000SS unit not reaching the set temperature you may adjust a control board setting to help. The steps are listed below:

1. Press and hold the up and down temperature buttons together until the display flashes the number '88'

2. The display will cycle to the Celsius temperature reading

3. Wait 1 -2 seconds

4. After waiting a second or two, press the down temperature button a few times (give ½ second or so pause between each press)  until you see a number displayed between 00 and 8.

5. Adjust this setting down to 00.

6. Press the C/F button to exit the setup mode.

After adjusting this setting, allow the unit to operate for several hours and verify that the proper temperature has been reached.  

** Note – If your unit has a keg of beer or cans or other contents it may take longer to reach the proper temperature.  Opening and closing the door will also slow down the cooling process.