How do I clean my mini split air conditioner?

This Article Refers to Model: MSPLIT12000W
Indoor Unit: MSEVA12000W
Outdoor Unit: MSCON12000W

The combined split air conditioner – composed of the MSEVA12000W indoor unit and the MSCON12000W outdoor unit – is referenced as the EdgeStar MSSPLIT12000W

Warning: Installation of this unit MUST be performed by a licensed HVAC specialist / certified electrician.  Please contact your installer for diagnosis of post-installation related product performance issues.  


Please refer to the below information related to proper cleaning and basic maintenance for your EdgeStar mini split air conditioning system.  Seasonal / periodic maintenance of the outdoor unit should be performed by a qualified HVAC technician.



  • Turn off the air conditioner and disconnect the power before cleaning to avoid electric shock.
  • Do not wash the air conditioner with water to avoid electric shock.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals to clean the air conditioner.

Cleaning the Surface of the Indoor Unit

When the surface of the indoor unit is dirty, use a soft dry cloth or a wet cloth to wipe it clean.

 NOTE: Do not remove the panel when cleaning the outside of the unit.

Cleaning the Filter

  1. Open the Panel:


  1. Remove the Filter:


  1. Clean the Filter:

Use a vacuum cleaner or tap the filter lightly to remove loose dust and dirt, then rinse it thoroughly under lukewarm running water (below 104°F). You may use a mild soap and water solution if needed. Allow the filter to air dry in a cool and shaded place. Dry the filter thoroughly before reinstalling it.

  1. Reinstall the Filter:

Install the filter and then close the panel cover tightly.


  • The filter should be cleaned every three months. If there is a high quantity of dust in the operation environment, the filter should be cleaned more frequently.
  • After removing the filter, do not touch the fins in order to avoid injury.
  • Do not use fire or a hair dryer to dry the filter in order to avoid deforming the filter or causing a fire hazard.


Seasonal / periodic maintenance of the outdoor unit should be performed by a qualified HVAC technician.

Checklist After Storage Period

  1. Check whether the air inlets and air outlets are blocked.
  2. Check whether the circuit breaker, plug, and socket are in good condition.
  3. Check whether the filter is clean.
  4. Check whether the drainage pipe is damaged.

Checklist Before Storage Period

  1. Disconnect the power supply.
  2. Clean the filter and the indoor unit’s front panel.